Viofocon Industry Limited

Quality Control

Quality Control of Viofocon Industry Limited:

Quality first, Quality is the life which is the basic rule that VIOFOCON insists since our establishment. VIOFOCON is devoted to providing 100% perfect hydrogen water maker, hydrogen water generator, hydrogen water machine and other water electrolysis related products. In order to achieve this goal, we have established strict quality management system.  In order to ensure the company's quality management system operated effectively, and continuously improve our product quality and services. Formulated the following quality policy and quality objectives, is now officially promulgated, all staff have to study and understand clearly, and effectively implement

The company's quality policy is: scientific management and ensuring quality; to be the best and make our customer satisfied. The company's quality objectives are: to ensure that the finished product qualification rate reached 100%; strive to major quality accidents to zero.

Procedure for dealing with the quality problem of hydrogen water maker:

For the operator self-inspection, customer returns and inspectors confirmed, or all kinds of other nonconforming during the progress of manufacturing hydrogen water maker.  The relevant departments should be isolated or identified it with the inspector, put it in the failure zone or placed unqualified identification card, and indicate the reasons for failure to prevent the unexpected use or for the quality control process. The company of VIOFOCON INDUSTRY LIMITED has built a comprehensive quality control system basing on the product's source, production processes, products, and customer satisfaction and so on.