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How to Choose the Hydrogen Water Cup?

1.The cup body material of the water cup is various. The glass material is safe but fragile with much attention in use; the plastic material is resistant to falling and corrosion, but we should choose one in food grade.  

2.The platinum electrodes with high purity must be used in electrolysis. Only platinum electrodes do not precipitate heavy metals.

3. Choose a water cup with a hydrogen-oxygen separation membrane (proton exchange membrane) because it blocks ozone and residual chlorine. Use it to drink at ease.

4. Hydrogen production should be stable. Now many hydrogen rich water cups can complete hydrogen production in 2-3 minutes, but the time is short and the amount of hydrogen is also less. Some cups do not last long with less bubble (hydrogen production volume becomes low).

5. Nowadays, many hydrogen rich water cups are very similar in appearance, but there is no patent or only appearance patent (Note: hydrogen rich water technology patent can only be valid with utility model patent and invention patent), no report on water quality inspection by state authority and after-sale maintenance service. Because they dare not go to the state authority to carry out water quality testing, they can not get the certificate of water quality, the long-term use of such products is very harmful to the human body, which will cause irreversibly harm! Therefore these data are also essential.