Viofocon Industry Limited

Why us

1.Patented Design:

All of VIOFOCON  hydrogen water maker, hydrogen water generator related products is with our own patented design which is brand new in the market and it is easy to be popular in the market.

2.OEM/ODM Service

OEM/ODM is acceptable for us.


Since our establishment at the beginning, VIOFOCON is devoted to the designing and manufacturing for the hydrogen water maker, hydrogen water generator, hydrogen water machine, hydrogen water bottle, portable hydrogen water maker, portable hydrogen water generator and water electrolysis related products.

4.Good Service:

Our sales team has nearly 10 years experience in serving the overseas customer and we are eager and fast to serve for the customers’ inquiry.

5.New Generator Technology of SPE/PEM is in Use:

Hydrogen generators/devices with SPE/PEM electrolysis make water of high hydrogen concentration from 1000 -1400 ppb in short period of time. This water has strong reducing power with hydrogen reduction potential of -450~-550mV and over.