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Advantages And Positive Effects Of Water Machine And Overview Of Multi-Function Water Machine

VIOFOCON INDUSTRY LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of water maker bottle, hydrogen water facial mist, led light therapy machine and pdt led beauty machine in China. The advantages of the hydrogen water machine h2 generator are similar to those of the horizontal hydrogen-rich water electrolyzer. 

The advantages and positive effects of the water machine are as follows: 1. The utility model uses the wind to drive the wind impeller, drives the refrigeration compressor with the mechanical kinetic energy of the impeller rotation, and condenses the water vapor in the air into the water by using a highly efficient vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Because the wind impeller directly drives the refrigeration compressor to work, there is no wind power generation, the device structure is simple, and the energy conversion efficiency is high. It is especially suitable for use in coastal areas, mountain islands, and arid areas. 2. With the change of meteorological conditions, the water production is large when the wind is large, the water production is small when the wind is small, and the water is easy to store, which is equivalent to storing wind energy.

Multifunctional water machine overview

Multi-function water machine: the name comes from, the water produced by it is divided into acidic functional water and alkaline functional water, which has more than 60 application functions than ordinary water machines.

The multi-function water machine is a terminal water changing device installed on the kitchen faucet. The tap water is used as the water source. Through the process of purification, mineralization and electrolysis, the tap water is transformed into two kinds of water, one can be used for skin care. Clean acidic water, a mineral-containing alkaline water that can be drunk directly. It is very close to the original spring water, which can supplement trace elements in the human body and remove acidic metabolites caused by excessive food. Applicable to the large environment of alkali acid in the human body.