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Eco Series Bottle Type Hydrogen Water Machine

Eco Series Bottle Type Hydrogen Water Machine
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Viofocon economical series bottle type hydrogen water machine is a sort of hydrogen water machine which can make rich hydrogen water which is good for your health with competitive price.  

Brief introduction regarding rich hydrogen water:

Hydrogen (H) is the smallest and lightest element in the periodic table. When ingested, it travels throughout the bloodstream and—according to a 2013 review published in the journal Medical Gas Research—weasels its way into the mitochondria, the energy centers of a cell, and penetrates the nucleus, where the majority of DNA is stored. Once there, it significantly reduces free radicals—inflammation-causing molecules linked to everything from accelerated skin aging to cancer. This is no small thing: A 2010 study from the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition showed that when 20 overweight or obese subjects with symptoms of metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, insulin resistance) drank 1.5 to 2 liters a day of hydrogen water for eight weeks with no other dietary changes, they saw a 39 percent increase in an enzyme that fortifies the body against free radicals; a 43 percent drop in thiobarbituric acid, a substance linked to oxidative damage; and a 13 percent decrease in total cholesterol—results comparable to those of cholesterol-controlling meds.

The advantage of economical series bottle type rich hydrogen water machine:

1. Food grade glass of USA material is in use for our product of economical series bottle type rich hydrogen water machine.
2. Water bottle volume: 350ml.
3. Our product of economical series bottle type rich hydrogen water machine is adopting the special technology of water electrolysis is in use which can produce 1.6ppm high concentration rich hydrogen water in a short time.
4. Longer lifespan of the lithium battery is in use in our rich hydrogen water machine.
5. Very good prices which will be helpful for business partners to start in the market.
6. Water bottle material is anti-aging, hydrolysis resistance, high-temperature resistance, resistance to fall, easy to clean 
7. Material of water electrolysis equipment is with Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode, high-efficiency electrolysis, long operating life.
8. With competitive prices which leave good profit margin for business partners.

Bottle Glass
bottle glass
Gift Box
gift box
Top Cover
top cover
Water Electrolysis
water electrolysis
Model No.  VF06
Name  hydrogen water bottle
Material Eastman, USA material for making a bottle
Using high temperature 0-40℃
Capacity 350ML
Max power 4W
Size 24.5cm*6.5cm
Weight 0.8KG
Hydrogen concentration 0.8-1.2PPM
Rated voltage 5V
Charging time 2 Hours
Use number At least 22 cups
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