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Economical Series Cup Shape Hydrogen Water Generator

Economical Series Cup Shape Hydrogen Water Generator
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During 2017, Viofocon launched model of economical series of cup shape hydrogen water generator which can generate rich hydrogen water for the purpose of health care and beauty care.

What is the goodness of drinking rich hydrogen water?

1. Removing free radicals which are harmful to your body.
2. Health conditions of the cell can be improved and protected from oxidation by keeping drinking rich hydrogen water.
3. Improve the efficiency of absorption nutrient items in the body by using Viofocon cup shape hydrogen water generator.
4. Better hydration for your body.
5. The speed of blood circulation can be increased by keep using cup shape hydrogen water generator.
6. Weight losing function. You don't worry about the problem of overweight.

The advantage of Viofocon economical series cup shape hydrogen water generator:

1. With competitive price which will be easy for you especially the newcomer to enter the market.
2. Bottle material used: Food grade glass which is from the USA.
3. Cup volume: 350ml.
4. With a large volume of battery: 1000m AH.
5. High quality of the material of water electrolysis: titanium platinum electrolytic electrode, which is high efficiency for electrolysis, longer lifespan.
6. New patented technology of water electrolysis is in use which can generate 1.6ppm high concentration rich hydrogen water in short time.
7. Lithium battery is in use which has the longer lifetime.
8. Warranty: Normally we provide 1-year warranty for our product of eco series cup shape hydrogen water generator. And this will set your ease in mind.

Looking for cooperation:

At present, we are looking for a good partner in the field of healthcare beauty care, water filter and also hydrogen water to promote our product of eco series cup shape hydrogen water generator. And we cooperate in the terms of OEM/ODM. If you are interested to become the sole distributor and other types of cooperation, kindly contact us and we shall reply in the 1st time.

Glass bottle
glass bottle
Top cover
top cover
Water electrolysis plate
water electrolysis

Model No.  VF06
Name  hydrogen water bottle
Material Eastman, USA material for making a bottle
Using high temperature 0-40℃
Capacity 350ML
Max power 4W
Size 24.5cm*6.5cm
Weight 0.8KG
Hydrogen concentration 0.8-1.2PPM
Rated voltage 5V
Charging time 2 Hours
Use number At least 22 cups
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