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Hydrogen Water Facial Mister

Hydrogen Water Facial Mister
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Viofocon hydrogen water facial mister is a kind of portable facial mister with rich hydrogen water, which providing mist of hydrogen water to moisture the skin, whitening the skin, pore contraction and also the wrinkle improvement.

Features of Viofocon hydrogen water facial mister/hydrogen water moisturizer:

  • easty to carry in your bag and can use it anytime and anywhere.
  • Just 40 seconds to generate hydrogen water by the electrolysis process.
  • Eco-friendly: chemical and alcohol-free.
  • Economical: Semi-permanent device. And it can make hydrogen water with tap water which is easy and free.
  • One full charge battery makes it use around 100 times.
  • Full charging time about 2 hours.

Treatment of Viofocon hydrogen water facial mister/hydrogen water moisturizer:

1. Nano Bubble Cleansing
The hydrogen-water of 5 Nano (0.005u) penetrates into the skin pore of 25u, and the hydrogen bubbles explode each other, and the pressure is increased, and then wastes and sebum in the skin pore are discharged. Accordingly, if you spray the mist after a general washing, wastes will be discharged additionally. The perfect washing will make the skin tone bright.

2. Continuous Moisturizing Power for 8 hours
In case of a general mist, the skin will be rather dried after 30 minutes, while the hydrogen water becomes a negative ionization and is deeply penetrated into the skin due to fine particles of 5 Nano. As a result, the moisturizing power is kept for 8 hours. If you spray the hydrogen water two times only in a day, you will be able to have  moist, bouncy and beautiful skin

3. Whitening Effect
The tyrosinase enzyme making a melanin pigment is made by active oxygen. The hydrogen-water of high concentration 800 ppb of Esteau R neutralizes the active oxygen (OH) and makes into the water. As a result, the melanin pigment is decreased, and the whitening effect is maximized.

4. Pore Contraction and Wrinkle Improvement
The hydrogen water is smaller 5 Nano water than the size of the pore by 1/5000, and it removes wastes in the pore and induces the pore contraction. Moreover, the hydrogen water is a rich gas-reducing active oxygen, which is the main reason for aging and induces the wrinkle improvement

Project Technical indicators
Product name Hydrogen water facial mister
Model VF08
Size 47*151(mm)
Rated power 5V  5W
Weight 85g
Constitute Atomizer nozzle
Hydrogen generator composed of titanium alloy electrode and ion film
step up circuit function
1 time charge can use 40-50 times
Containing magnets in the area
Basic principle of hydrogen water facial mist of Viofocon Industry Limited 

The product of hydrogen water facial mist is to provide water with hydrogen and oxygen to moisture in your skin, sterilize harmful bacteria by nanobubble (0.005μ mol) smaller than pore (25μm). 

Below listed is the detailed picture shows how the whole process works: 

1stly. Hydrogen ion and Ozone will be generated by way of water electrolysis. 

Principle of hydrogen water facial mist 1

2ndly. Combined with proton and hydroxyl ion which composes of cell membrane of bacteria.
Principle of hydrogen water facial mist

3rdly. Destroyed cell became extinct and restored H2O combined between proton and hydroxyl ion origin by bacteria cell membrane.
Principle of hydrogen water facial mist 
Model of hydrogen water facial mist by Viofocon Industry Limited is the latest patent products which can provide the function of beauty care, especially for the face care products. Below listed are the information in details for its effects: 

1. Hydrogen bubble cleaning 
Function of hydrogen water facial mist of Viofocon is to get rid of sebum and waste matter from pore by interaction with hydrogen bubble explosion as pressure increases to easily passes throughout from 5Nano bubble(0.005㎛) into pore(25㎛)

hydrogen bubble cleaning effect 1

2. Improving skin moisturizing effect 
Normal mist even dry for half an hour whereas, hydrogen mist can keep a long time by an anion with 5 Nano easily penetrating into the skin enough 2~3 spray in a day. So using hydrogen water facial mist and you don’t worry about the dry face which influences your beauty. 

Improving skin moisturizing effect 2

3. Caring your skin 
VF08 of Viofocon Industry Limited has a high-density hydrogen water approx. 800ppb so that diminishing melanin and cleaner a skin tone by neutralizing an active oxygen

Caring your skin effect 3

4. Skin waste removal
To become younger and younger is all the people's dream. And by using VF08 of hydrogen water facial mist by Viofocon can make you look younger by rich hydrogen-air which reduces down active oxygen and keep your skin cleaner by 5 nano rich hydrogen bubble smaller than pore size( approx.,1/5,000). 

Skin waste reomoval effect 4

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