Viofocon Industry Limited

Hydrogen Water Generator

Viofocon hydrogen water generator is patented high-quality device which can generate rich hydrogen water. Due to the most advanced technology and its strong quality, our product of hydrogen water generator can produce a high concentration of hydrogen of 1.2 ppm in a short time which makes it the most in demand among hydrogen generators.

Viofocon hydrogen water generator which can easily convert water into hydrogen water with neutral pH 7-8 ( Alkaline water ). This alkaline water is suitable for people of all ages and health conditions. Drinking alkaline water can help your body more effectively maintain its acid-alkaline homeostasis without borrowing from valuable reserves, enhancing your immune system, balancing your body, and delivering optimal hydration.

Our product range of hydrogen water generator is versatile which can meet all kind of demand of rich hydrogen water which can get rid of free radicals, anti-aging, whitening skin, beauty and also keeping healthy life. The range of portable hydrogen water generator which is mostly in the shape of a bottle which contains 350-500mL rich hydrogen water. Can be used mostly in outdoor exercise and also in the office.  Range of pen style hydrogen water generator is easy to use anywhere. The range of kettle style hydrogen water generator can generator 2500ml high concentration hydrogen water in a short time. Range of facial mister hydrogen water generator is a device for the beauty.