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PDT Beauty Machine

PDT Beauty Machine
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Our product of PDT led light calcium supplement machine is a kind of machine which is designed to help solving the problem of insufficient calcium absorption. Our product of PDT led light calcium supplement machine can emit a light spectrum to accelerate the absorption progress. This innovative and compact machine is convenient for the whole family to use.

Originating theory:

Light is a kind of radiant energy with 3.0x10 8m/s rectilinear propagation speed in vacuum. Moreover, light is a electromagnetic wave as well as a particle flow and this wave-particle dualism on light is the basis of light quantum theory which holds the opinion that different light can cause different photochemical, photoelectric, fluorescent, puncturing and thermal effects due to different light quantum energy and all those are the foundation of phototherapy iatrology. This theory basis of the instrument is from the theory of two Nobel laureates in 1903 and 1928.

General introduction regarding Viofocon led light calcium supplement machine's function:

1. Introduction regarding Calcium supplementation light: After irradiating human skin and by photochemical effect, the light can accelerate the 7-dehydrocholesterol of the skin transforming to cholecalciferol and further improving the metabolic balance of calcium and phosphorus ion in order to increase bone density ,cure osteoporosis , chondropathy and dysplasia and prevent cardiovascular ,endocrine and immune system complications caused by disorder metabolism.

Besides Calcium supplement function, our product of LED light calcium supplement machine also has multi function of:

2. Introduction regarding  Red light: High energy red light is with strong penetration which is applicable to anti-inflammation, ease pain, stop tissue fluid on wounded surface, accelerate wound healing, increase cell enzyme activity, improve ion metabolism, reduce muscular tension, relieve muscle spasm and prevent cardiovascular diseases and cytometaplasia . Moreover, red light is used on neurodermatitis, acne, burn, scald, tendinitis, bruise, chronic cough, asthma, eczema, arthralgia and rheumatoid arthritis clinically.

3. Introduction regarding  Green light: Green light is with relaxing and calming function and has obvious analgesia and sedation effect on sensory nerve. Therefore, there is great phototherapy function on hypertension, hemiplegia and neurasthenia. It is also be used on curing asthma ,climacteric syndrome, nerve paralysis, kidney diseases, diabetes and digestive tract diseases, detoxifying, relaxing nerve, calming nerve and helping to fall asleep, eliminating depression, healing pachulosis, wrinkle, blackhead, acne and disorder metabolism from fatigue and nervousness.

4. Function introduction of Blue light: Blue light can promote protein and collagen synthesis, which is suitable for curing infant jaundice, allergic, oily and acne skin, inhibiting bacillus, activating and tightening skin and stretch marks, relaxing nerve, relieving pain, reducing excess erythrocytes, eliminating tissue hyperemia and improving lymphatic system. Clinically, it has been used on goiter, chronic heart disease, insomnia and climacteric syndrome.

5. Purple light: Purple light stimulates secretion system and smoothes lymph, its function is weaker than red light but can repair skin and mucosa ulcer and acne.

6. Function of Yellow light: Yellow light is able to remove freckle, desensitization, inhibit pigmentation, accelerate wound and ulcer recovery. While it is promoting adrenaline secretion ,it is improving the immunity as well. Medically, adrenaline can stimulate the heat when it stopped or dilate trachea for asthma.

7. Function of Orange light: Orange light can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve thyroid function, lower cerebrovascular and coronary artery sclerosis degree ,incresase appetite, cure emaciation and anemia and apply on common heat diseases especially weak heartbeat. Use with blue light when heling chronic heat disease and palpitation.

Viofocon PDT Led light therapy calcium supplement machine is our brand new product which is the latest product of VIOFOCON in 2017. Currently we are looking for worldwide partners, kindly contact us for further information.

Model  model VF04
Product name PDT LED light pherapy machine
Rated voltage 90-240V
Rated output DC12V
Power rating 36W
Inside box 434*265*329mm
Outer packing size 795*566*446mm
carton quantity 6PCS

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