Viofocon Industry Limited

Water Electrolysis Machine

Viofocon water electrolysis machine is a type of machine making rich hydrogen water by way of water electrolysis which will remove free radicals including reactive oxygen species. Hydrogen has been shown to have a selectively antioxidant effect to human body. By selectively antioxidant, it can form a healthy body which subverts the idea that "It is a drug that has side effect on the human body". When rich hydrogen water comes into the human body that is no side effect. It just takes away free radicals which is harmful to human body.

The advantage of our product water electrolysis hydrogen machine is that we have adopted the latest technology of SEP/PEM technique which can generate high PPM rich hydrogen water in a short time and at the same time separating the ozone from the hydrogen water.

Besides making hydrogen water, our product of water electrolysis hydrogen water can also convert water into the alkaline water which is good for people's health especially be good for your immune system, preventing cancer and also get rid of all kinds of disease with no side effect.

Our product of hydrogen water electrolysis machine is with 4 types: bottle type hydrogen water electrolysis machine, stick type water electrolysis machine, pot type water electrolysis machine & spray type water electrolysis machine.