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Viofocon PDT LED Light Therapy Machine Case Mrs Liu

Mrs Liu, who is just living in the Northeast in China and she just became to mother 2 years ago and before she is just suffering from the pains from the wrist and it is difficult to walk especially during the cold weather in winter. This year, she came to know product of PDT LED light therapy machine from Viofocon and she used the function of red light, blue light, green light, purple light, orange light and also the calcium supplement light for 6 days continuously and each day 2 hours. After usage of PDT led light therapy machine from Viofocon, her pains has been released greatly and also she will not feel cold during the winter time. And the whole health condition from Mrs Liu has been improved greatly and also she is every satisfied and will recommend other relatives to use the PDT LED light therapy machine for health care and beauty care.